Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Hello and welcome to my Creative Blog! My name is Lance Cardinal. This is a place where I share my creative projects and show you a little behind the scenes as well! You can also check out my portfolio of work and projects, view my resumes or even read some of my reviews! Just click the links above!

 I am a creative professional and member of the Bigstone Cree Nation in Calling Lake, Alberta, Canada. I have 20 years professional experience all over Canada as a multi award winning Set Designer, Sculptural Artist, Entertainment Director, Producer, Union Performer, Model maker/Miniaturist, Concept Artist, Theme Park Designer, Choreographer, Teacher, Photographer, Event Coordinator/Facilitator and Cultural Healer. 

I am currently in my 4th season (2017/18) as the founder and Creative Director of the Calling Lake Arts Academy, a multidisciplinary Arts School for indigenous students in my home community!

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